Captain Jack’s Northwest Sea Island Charters

A great time boating & exploring the Pacific NW

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(Cell)  Jean: (310) 415-3372

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  • CrackerJack is piloted by Captain Jack Janis

Come Aboard the Crackerjack…

Captains Jack and Jean stand ready to have you aboard for an adventure of a lifetime!  We’ll take you wherever you want to go, with your choice of activities, from hiking to beach walking to kayaking.  Fishing and whale watching will be at your own expense  (see Cruise Policies),   From the San Juan Islands to the Canadian Gulf Islands, you can pick where you want to explore, and we can take you there!

Both boats may travel as a team – with Captain Jean skippering the “Trophy Wife” alongside.  We also may bring a smaller vessel, the “Jackknife” along for excursions.

Local trips may include a trip to a state or provincial park.  Or checking out the bird life locally.

We provide meals for your voyage.  Local day trips are casual, and the ship provides a breakfast and lunch. Overnight trips will also include dinner. Guests must provide their own alcoholic beverages.

We provide year-round charters.  (Some of the finest cruising weather happens during the winter months.)